Dipl. Biol. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Lydia Budiner Consultant, Interims-Manager, Cert. Trainer (IHK) & Personal- and Business-Coach
Dipl. Biol. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Lydia Budiner Consultant, Interims-Manager, Cert. Trainer (IHK) & Personal- and Business-Coach

Consultancy/ Interim-Management

-Interim Management & Consulting


- Certified Trainer/ Personal- & Business-Coach

- Stakeholder Management

- Management Oncology & Rare Diseases (Medical/ Marketing/ Sales), closed loop marketing

- Streamline Processes

- MSL - Medical Science Liaison Management Concept, Implementation, Coaching

- Project Management

- National and International Training Concepts (incl. Train the Trainer Concepts) &
Concept implementation incl. blended learning

- Improvement of GCP/GPP compliant management of clinical and non -interventional trials

- Medical /Scientific Writing (medical/scientific information, congress reports, PR materials for different target groups) in English, German, Spanish

Let‘s get in touch and discuss opportunities for our collaboration, when

You are planning / implementing Stakeholder /Customer or Medical Science Liaison Management and you are in need of an expert opinion.

You are searching for new ideas concerning your marketing .

You Need new Trainings concepts or coaching

You are planning to enter the European/German market .

You want to be prepared for the changes in the healthcare system

You need support in preparing scientific/medical information materials

You need to prepare a goal oriented training and underlying processes

You need competent reporting and analysis with regard to the current situation and future directions from national and international oncology congresses

You need a translator for scientific/medical publications in English, German or Spanish

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